An Open Letter To My Former Childhood Best Friend

Dear Former Childhood Best Friend,

I would be lying if I said that I do not ever think about you. I have asked myself several “what if” questions. What if I didn’t switch schools? What if I spoke up to my parents telling them I did not want to switch schools? I continue to wander what life would be like if I didn’t switch schools. Would we still be the best of friends? Would we be attached at the hip like we always were? Believe or not I do truly miss you. You taught me a lot and till this day you were the longest friendship I’ve ever had. We had such a wonderful friendship and we made so many memories. Despise the little arguments we got into, we only came out stronger than ever.

You were by far the best friend ever. I remember our countless number of sleepovers. We were so close that our moms would tell us what day we were hanging out and sleeping over. We would stay up all night, and wake up real early the next morning. We were always so sad when we had to leave one another. I remember how we were obsessed with our American Girl dolls. We loved them so much and always played with them. We would play Animal Crossing and Nintendogs on our Nintendo DS. Our eyes were always glued to that thing. We loved to sing karaoke and dance till our legs couldn’t do it no more. We loved our Webkinz pets as well our Club Penguin. We both had a passion for dance and cheer leading as well as our love for the piano. We were both pretty good if I do say so myself.

I don’t think there was ever a moment in our lives that we weren’t together. We did literally everything together. And there wasn’t a day where we didn’t talk. My favorite part about our friendship was that we always had something to talk about. We never ran out of anything to say. We imagined what life would be like as we got older. We even had our usual boy talk and talked about how cute our crushes were. We would also talk about our love for books and would always read the same books. Did you know that because of you I have a really high reading level? I used to hate reading and my reading level was always so low, but because of you I have a love for it and can never put a book down.

I do miss you a lot childhood best friend. I truly believe that if I would have never switched schools than we would have been the best of friends till this day. Thank you for all the memories and laughter. I will never forget them and you and our memories will always have this special place in my heart.


Your former childhood best friend.

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