11 Things Anxious People Want You to Know

If you have a friend with anxiety than I know it can be very hard for you to understand what they go through. I always find myself becoming very frustrated because my friends don’t understand why I am upset for no reason or why I just want to be left alone. Here are eleven things that anxious people like myself want you to know.


Do not tell us to get over it.

People with anxiety tend to get upset over little stuff that you would think is dumb to get upset about. If we were are talking to you about stuff that upsets us and you find it to be not that big of a deal, than do not tell us to get over it. Telling us to get over it only raises our anxiety even more and makes us feel dumb for being upset over something so small. Instead, just be there and talk to us. Guide us through this. A friend is what we need. So please, do not tell us to get over it.

Our fears are very irrational

Yes, we know, our fears are very irrational. When we tell you what we fear you are probably gonna think that they are very… stupid. Yes we know our fears are stupid, but we can’t help that we overthink things.

The hatred of a pill bottle

The hatred of a pill bottle of very real. This pill helps us control our anxiety. It’s literally team work. It does their part and we do ours. It sucks having to have a pill that controls and helps our anxiety. We are jealous of people who don’t have to rely on them to help their anxiety.

That annoying moment when somebody who does not suffer from anxiety say they do

No. You are just stressed out. We wouldn’t wish having anxiety on our worst enemy.

The way we come off

We do tend to come off really rude at times, but I promise you we are not trying to be. When our anxiety isn’t active we have to be very careful what we do. It’s like our anxiety is asleep and we have to tiptoe around it and try not to wake it up. We have boundaries so please respect them. It’s not like we don’t wanna go off and have a good time, we really do, it’s just that we don’t want to have to deal with the anxiety.

Trying to describe how we feel

Describing how we feel is so hard to explain to people who don’t suffer from anxiety. There are lots of times when honestly, we don’t know how we feel. It is literally impossible. Try explaining colors to a blind person. It is the exact same thing as trying to explain how we feel. Anxiety will pop up for no reason whatsoever and we don’t know why it does.

Social gatherings are hard

Social gatherings will kick us in the butt. They are so overwhelming for us. We try to avoid them as much as possible because we don’t wanna have a full on anxiety attack in front of lots of people. We constantly freak out asking questions to ourselves like, “How many people will be there?” “What are we going to do?” “What do I do if I start panicking?” “Where should my escape route be?” We have to be very careful where we go.

Our anxiety doesn’t define us

ANXIETY DOES NOT DEFINE WHO WE ARE. We are still a human being. Our anxiety makes us say and do things that we don’t mean or don’t want to do. It doesn’t define who we are as a person. We have this other half in ourselves that we literally can’t control and were sorry if they lash out at you. Were trying to control it. We really are. But, please, do not let our anxiety define us.

We are physically exhausted

With anxiety our brains are constantly on alert. Were thinking of situations that could possibly happen or we are worrying about future things coming up that we aren’t ready for. It is physically exhausting. Sleep is very important to us. It’s a time where we can just turn our brain off and go to a place where anxiety isn’t a thing.

We are really good listeners

I believe that people with anxiety are special. We are great listeners. We understand what it’s like if you are having the worst day of your life. We understand if you wanna crawl in bed and never leave your room. We understand because we live these moments everyday, so we understand how you feel.

We love you.

Just know that no matter what we say or what we do. We love you. We really do love and care about you so much. Thank you for being there for us when we need someone to lean on. We are so grateful for you and we want you to always remember that.

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