An Open Letter To My Grandparents in Heaven

I think the sad part about growing up and getting older is that my memories of being a little girl are slowly starting to fade away. I make sure I continue to go back to what I can remember and try to relive those special moments we had together. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about you both. The memories and moments we had together will always have a special place inside my heart, and I hope one day to share them to my kids.

I hope you are both proud of me. I hope you are both proud of the woman I am becoming to be. I hope that despite of all of the mistakes I have made that you are still proud of me. I hope that I have become the image of the woman that you hoped I would become.

You have both been gone for eleven years now and believe it or not, even though you joined the Lord when I was six years old, I still learned some valuable lessons. I learned to always keep the Lord in the center of any relationship. I learned to never be selfish and to always put others first. I learned that family is so important and that family sticks together forever.

I remember the small little house you both had. It had a beautiful lake in the backyard with a small little bridge. There was also a swing set on the back porch that we would swing on. I also remember the little red shed in the back yard. I remember the inside of the house always had that home feel to it. There was always food being prepared while laughter filled the air.

Even though it’s been eleven years since you have passed, I will always continue to hold you both in such a special place in my heart. I will never forget those warm hugs you both would give me. I love you both and I hope I made you both proud of who I have become.



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