God’s Plan For My Senior Year In High School Was Way Better Than Mine.

Like any other typical high school senior, I walked in on my first day with lots of confidence and ready for the best year of my life. I was ready for all of the football and basketball games that I planned on attending. I was ready to stay hours after school for all of the clubs I was involved in. I was ready for all of the college work I was gonna be stressing out about. But, I was not ready for God to tell me that it all wasn’t gonna happen.

Like I said I walked in on the first day of school ready for a year filled with so many memories. Long story short but my anxiety got the best of me and I went straight home in the middle of the day since I had college classes that wouldn’t start for a few more weeks. When I got in my car I didn’t think it would be my last day as a student there. 

After a long emotional day my parents gave me the opportunity of being homeschooled. I knew that this was all God’s doing because I have been wanting to be homeschooled ever since I was little and my parents never let me. 

The first day of me being homeschooled really got to me. I sat at the dining room table all alone. I realized that I wouldn’t have that social aspect. I wouldn’t have any company while I do work. I wouldn’t get to switch classes and have that long walk up all the stairs. It also hit me that I would no longer have anxiety through out my day at school. Anxiety always walked with me into and out of school. It never left me. With me being homeschooled, my anxiety just slept the whole time. It was like I was free but than again I wasn’t; and let me just say it was a wonderful feeling. I continue to wake up every morning excited that I don’t have to worry about reading out loud in class or having to present a speech or attending a pep rally. It felt like I could finally breathe again. 

A couple days later after me being homeschooled I got the opportunity to be an assistant AIDE at my church’s pre school. Waking up in the morning to see smiling faces always warmed my heart. I later learned that God’s gift to me was teaching. I believe that His will and purpose for me is to teach younger kids as well as teach them His Word. 

At first I absolutely hated what God was doing but than I have come to realize that what God had planned for my senior year was way better than my plan. I continue to thank Him for blessing me with such a wonderful year. 

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