An Open Letter To High School

Dear High School,

It is hard to believe that my journey is coming to an end with you. I remember back in eighth grade when I was just fourteen years old, you were all I could think about. I was excited to become more independent and meet new friends and most importantly have a fresh start. I did not get that fresh start I was hoping for but I did learn a lot.

The hardest part about you was dealing with the anxiety. Surprisingly you helped me a lot when it came to it. I don’t think I could give you an accurate number of panic attacks I have had there but I can say that with each one I learned something every time. I have broken out of my itty bitty shell of mine which I never imagined getting out of. I joined clubs… and a lot of them, which taught me to open up and have a voice. So high school, I thank you for that.

Now, hear is the hardest part. High school, I am done with you. I am ready to move on to college. You have been a wonderful experience to me, but I am ready to move on. I do  plan on keeping the friends I have now, but I also plan on make a lot of new ones once college starts. I am ready to be done with you. To be honest I have been done with you since junior year. I know that this hurts but I have been having a hard time being honest with myself cause I never knew if it was really true or not. But now I do. I have loved you and I have hated you, but I would never change a thing. I have had many memories with you like having my first real boyfriend, my first real kiss, my first real date, prom, student body officer, new friends, gaining Christ and leading people to Christ, and so much more.

As I am closing this letter to you I do really want to say thank you for everything, but I will not miss you and I am ready to move on.


I am almost done.


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