Why My Mother Is My Person.

My mother is my person. No I am not ashame of it. We may be polar opposites, but she is truly the bestest friend I have ever had. She gets me. Even though we are different, she really does get me. She has sacrificed so much for me. She makes God her first priority and puts me and my father second which makes her an ideal Christian woman. I only hope I could be half of the woman she is whenever I become a mother one day.

 She has been that one person that I can tell anything and everything too and not worry about a million other people knowing. She has been through all the drama I’ve experienced. She listens to me when I just need to rant and let it all out. She has guided me through my heart breaks and my breakdowns. She hugs me real tight and never lets go until I feel better. She even makes me cookies that always make me feel better. She has seen me at my highest and she has seen me at my lowest. But she still loves me the same. 

She has fought with me through my anxiety. She was always there at the hospital by my side and never left once. With every fainting spell she was always able to get me to wake up. She would wipe away my tears and tell me that it is okay and that she is here. She is my shield when it comes to my anxiety. She takes it away and I do not think I will ever know how she does it. She is the reason why I have become stronger in defeating my anxiety. 

God has truly blessed me with such a wonderful mother like her. I wouldn’t want anyone else being my mother. She is my mother, spitting image, best friend and most of all…. she is my person. 

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