An Open Letter to my Nannie.

Dear Nannie,

It has been two years since you have left this earth. I remember just like it was yesterday. I woke up one morning on April 10th 2014, by mom who told me that you had passed early that morning. The awful thing is, I did not cry. I felt like a horrible person for not crying, but for some reason I could not even shed one tear. Mom and I just sat in silence for a little while than it finally all settled in. You were gone. And I never got to say goodbye. Mom said I could miss school, but I went knowing I could keep my mind off of everything.

School was really sad at first. I did not talk to anyone. But I will say my close friends easily took my mind off of everything. But when it was just me and my thoughts, all I could think about was that I never got to say goodbye.

The day before you passed I spent it with just you and I at the nursing home. I held your hand and I shredded a few tears. Family later started coming in and all at once. I was later pulled aside with my mom and your nurse. Your nurse had said that you would pass soon but they were not sure when. That time I broke down. The worst part was I told myself that it was not true. I came back in the room and you wanted to watch TV but your remote needed new batteries, so I went to the store and got new ones. Before I left I gave you a kiss on the forehead and told you that I loved you and I would see you later. If I would have known that this would be our last goodbye than it would have been so much more different. As I was on my way back Mom said to go to church cause you had fallen asleep and everyone had left.

You left a huge impact on this earth. You were always so kind, compassionate, loving, caring, and so much more. You were one of my biggest role models. You had the biggest heart. Everyone loved you. You loved the Lord and did your best to live life through Him. You put others first and never once thought about yourself. You were so amazing.

I hope I have made you proud Nannie. I hope I have never disappointed you. There is never a day that I have not thought about you. Two years later and I still cry over you. Two years later and I still cannot grasp the fact that you are really gone. It took me a while to realize that you are not gone. You will always be with us no matter where we go.

I love you Nannie and thank you for everything you have done for everybody.

Love You Always,

Your Great-Granddaughter

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