An Open Letter to the Boy Who Broke Up With Me Because of my Anxiety Disorder

We were not in the best part of our relationship at the time. We fought like any other relationship, but it got to the point where I was tired of it. I was about to end up but you beat me to it. Your reasoning was very shocking to me. It was a reasoning I never did expect.

You broke up with me cause you said and I quote “I cannot handle your anxiety.”

When you said those words, it literally felt like somebody actually ripped my heart out. My throat got tight. My stomach was turning. I was hoping that maybe I heard it wrong. I unfortunately did not hear it wrong at all.

For months I have dreaded over you. At first I did not care at all about our break up. I did not even cry which was the best part. Later I eventually did and I did not know why until I remember why I did.

You broke up with me because you couldn’t handle my anxiety.

You taught me something very important. Sadly it took me a while to learn it, but I finally did. I learned that I need a guy who is willing to deal with me and my anxiety. I need a guy who does not let it define me unlike you did. I need a guy who is willing to help me through it. I need a guy who is willing to accept that I have it and it is a part of my life.

So thank you. Thank you for teaching me this. Because of you I do have trust issues when it comes to a boy and whether or not they can take my anxiety and I as a package deal or not. But I have learned that it is a good thing. It saves my heart from all the heartaches.


A girl who is more than her anxiety

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