Where Did Dating Go?

Being a 90s baby, I have experienced the evolution of the changes of dating. It went from the guy coming up to you in person and asking you on a date to “sliding into the DMs” on Twitter. What happened there? Even though I have seen this I have never gotten to experience a guy coming up to me and asking me on a date. Sadly, I have been asked over a text message or through a twitter direct message.
Whatever happened to dating?
Whatever happened to a guy coming up to you to introduce himself to you? Now that boy is directing messaging you on social media and asking someone for your number. Why isn’t he coming up to you and asking you for your number? Why can’t he ask you out in person instead of over a text message? If he liked you that much would he have the guts to come up to you and and ask you on a date?

Whatever happened to being friends first? Why do we have to go ahead and rush into dating. I like to take things slow and get to know the guy first. I want to be able to know everything about him. What he likes, doesn’t like, favorite food, movie, color, fears, triumphs, EVERYTHING. I don’t want to meet a guy and instantly start dating him. I want to be able to start off with being friends for a while than if we really start to like each, we can start moving forward and see what it would be like if we did start to date.

Whatever happened to the simple dates? Why can’t we go grab lunch after school one day and than another day we go to a movie? Why does it have to be a full on date that costs the guy so much money. Why can’t we have a movie night instead of going to a fancy restaurant? What about ice cream? Who doesn’t love ice cream? I want to be able to go on a date and spend time with the boy I really care about and talk to him. I want to ask him about his day, did he have a good week? I want to talk about the bad days with him and know whats wrong so I can help him along the way. Why can’t things be simple?

What is with the labels? Society now everyone has a label. “Talking”, “Dating,” “Boyfriend and Girlfriend,” “Taking a break” or “Friends with benefits.” What is it with these labels and the “what are we stage?” People will take full advantage if they get the benefits without having to put in any effort.

Swipe right or swipe left? Why are there even dating apps? I’m not against them at all, but why can’t a person swipe right on their profile because their bio has a lot in common with them, rather than swiping left because he or she isn’t cute. Who knows you could have just swiped left on your future spouse. Why do we have to judge one another by our looks? Were all created in the image of God and that is so amazing to think about everyday.

Why do we have to have sex? Why does a couple after dating for so long and they aren’t married have to have sex? I’m a personal believer that that should wait until marriage. It is something that should be with your spouse, because what happens if you break up? I think the best intimacy is getting to sit and talk to one another a lot. Just sit, talk, and enjoy one another’s company.
Why do couples have to be so clingy 24/7 in public? Why do they have to make out and be lovey dovey all the time in front of everybody. Whats wrong with just a simple peck on the lips or cheek and holding hands?

I wish we could go back to the good ole days. I wish a guy would come up to a girl and start talking to her and ask her for her phone number and see if she wants to hang out. Why can’t everything be so simple anymore?
Hannah Elizabeth

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