What Makes A Guy Unattractive 

There was this one guy. He was so attractive. My best friend and I would always talk about how cute he was. Based on what I saw from his social media, he was a really good guy. He loved his family, friends, the sport he was passionate about, active in school, adored kids (every girls weakness), and the best part, he loved Jesus. Loving Jesus was the best part. A guy who loves Jesus, like really loves Jesus, makes him really attractive. But what I have learned, is that just because he loves Jesus doesn’t make him fully attractive. He has to act like Jesus too. My friend and I got to know him more and he became a really good friend of ours. What if one of us potentially dated him? That would’ve been wonderful, I mean he was so cute! He may have loved Jesus, but he sure did not act like Him. He talked real ugly to people and we learned that he was actually a pervert. He didn’t care to get to know a girl. He wasn’t even ready for a relationship, yet he still wanted something. Hearing about what this guy instantly made him go from so hot, to so not attractive. He does not act like a proper, respectful gentlmen at all. He would be the perfect example of a teenage boy.
There was this other guy. He was also very attractive. He loved God, and his family so very much. He even talked about them all the time. Like this other he wanted something else. It amazes me how unattractive a guy can become hearing how disrespectful he is. He came off as the sweet, respectful, down to earth gentleman, but as I was before, I was wrong.

A guy can become unattractive just by how disrespectful he treats a girl. He becomes unattractive when he goes off every weekend to get wasted. His disrespectful tone can slowly change the outlook you see in him. Hearing how he jumps from girl to girl and the horrible things he says about her makes him ugly. His laziness and carelessness isn’t the most attractive thing either.

It is quite sad how quickly a guy can turn so unattractive just by the way he talks or the way he acts. I have found since starting college have seen many attractive guys that I have later found not so attractive anymore.

I’m not saying he has to perfect, I’m saying he has to simply be respectful, kind, caring, loving, and a Son of God.
Hannah Elizabeth

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