I Know He Is Out There

There was this guy. He was super sweet and so good to me. He treated me with respect but there was something about him that I forced myself to be okay with. He drank and partied a lot, he cussed and stayed out super late at night. He claimed to be a Christian, but we know that is not how a Christian acts. I have been longing for the guy who is willing to pursue me with a heart after the God. He will not party and consume his body with alcohol. He will not cuss and have respect for others. I told myself I would never find a guy like this but what I learned from this one relationship, is that my guy is out there for me. I have to wait for God to place him in my life when its time.
Don’t settle for the guy who does not have the same morals as you. It may seem like that you will never meet the guy who values you and respects you with a heart after God, but I promise he is out there for you. In today’s society it is hard to find a guy with those types of morals and values, so us girls try to accept the party type who drinks all day, but in reality we may seem happy on the inside because of how sweet and respectful he is to us, but on the inside, we hate this side of him and long for him to stop this. We think we can hopefully change him, but we know deep down that it will be impossible.

The most comforting thing to know is that God already has this special someone picked out for us, we just have to wait for God to say that it is time for him to come into our lives. (Or who knows he may already be in your life.) We long for that guy to come into our lives now and freak out because we don’t want to end up living alone, but in reality, we know that we will never be alone according to God. He has our future planned out and we just have to continue walking int the right path according to His will.
The for you is out there. He is patiently waiting for you as you are waiting for him. He wants to pursue and continue chasing you for the rest of your lives. He will sweep you off your feet and treat you like the real jewel you are. He will bring you closer to God and always protect you from harm’s way. He makes sure to remind you how much he loves you and never stop showing you how much he does. He will be the same person on a Friday night has he is a Sunday morning. He will pray with you and for you always. He will be the best thing that God has given you.

It may seem like the guy for you will never be out there, but according to God, we have to be focused only on Him and constantly put Him first. It may seem like forever for God to put that guy in your life, but I promise you it will all be worth it in the end. Don’t go to the one who parties with the different morals. I promise the one who stays away from that toxic stuff is out there. He is waiting for you, but are you waiting for him?

Hannah Elizabeth

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