Anxiety Made Me Do It

I wanted to go that party, but I couldn't do it, because anxiety said everybody would think I am a freak.
I would have gone on the retreat, but anxiety told me I couldn't handle being away from home.
I would have presented that presentation, but anxiety told me everybody would laugh at me.

I wanted to go to that concert, but anxiety said the crowds would make me sick.

I didn't mean to lie to you, anxiety told me you would hate me if I told you the truth.

No, I wasn't busy, anxiety told me y'all would leave me out.

I can't come, I'm sorry, anxiety said I have to stay at home all weekend.

No I can't eat that, I'm sorry, anxiety said it would make me fat.

I would love to go on a date with you, but I can't, anxiety said no boys allowed.

I'm sorry I missed your class today, anxiety said it wasn't safe for me to get out of bed today.

Please ask for me, anxiety said I talk weird.

I wanted to wear that, but anxiety said I wasn't skinny enough.

I'm sorry I can't talk today. Anxiety said to not be social.

Please don't make me go. Anxiety said I would be better off at home in bed.

Do I have to go? Anxiety said it was no place for me.

I can't talk to him, anxiety said he will think I am a freak.

I don't want to talk to day, anxiety said I'm better off listening.

Please don't call on me in class, anxiety said my answers are stupid.

No, I don't want to go dancing, anxiety told me people would laugh at me.

Are you mad at me? Anxiety said I ruined our friendship.

Did I say something wrong? Anxiety told me I shouldn't have said that.

I don't mean to act like this, anxiety told me people would like me if I did.

I don't want to go alone, anxiety said I couldn't handle it.

I'm sorry. Anxiety made me do it.
Hannah Elizabeth

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