I Am Done Prince Charming

I am done. I am done looking for Prince Charming. I’m tired of always wandering if this guy I met is the one that God wants in my life. I know I am not the only one who does this but whenever I meet a guy or even see a guy look at me, I can’t help but instantly think “God is this him? I bet this is him!” I never thought I would be the type of girl desperate to know who my future husband is right now. I never imagined constantly worrying about who I am going to marry and when I am going to get married. I think about if I am going to get married when I want to marry and hoping I don’t get married to late. I think about all of this so much it literally consumes my thoughts.

I will not chase a boy because why would I do that? I want some guy to chase me. But than again what if I have to do the chasing to get noticed? If a guy truly likes me than he should come up to me first right? He should ask me out, he should ask me for my number. Chasing a guy can be really exhausting and annoying. Why do I have to be the one to chase. He should be chasing me.

After having a deep, long, conversation with God, I have come to learn that He already has the guy I am going to marry picked out for me. He knows his flaws, personality, what makes him happy, sad, angry, depressed. He has seen him at his highest and he has even seem him at his lowest he has ever been. He knows his peculiar habits and the weird quirks. He knows how he will continue to be with me through all my good times and bad.

But God won’t bring him into my life until I am ready. I have to love the Lord with all my heart and with all my soul first. I have to learn to constantly crave him all day everyday. I have to make Him the center of my life and make Him my whole world. Once God has seen that I have made Him the center of my life, than He will bring my Prince Charming into my life. He will be just what I need. He always be with me through good times and the bad. He will strive to live life just as Jesus did and will focus on us getting to Heaven. The best part is that he will be the one to chase me. He will never stop chasing me. He will pursue me and continue to tell me how much he loves and cares for me.

My Prince Charming will come one day, or who knows I may have already met him. But I cannot wait till God sees that we are both ready and than he will whisper and say “it is time.” But for now, I will stop worrying and stop living and focus on my love for Christ.








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