When God Says No

I have always known to be a planner. I plan everything; my week, my outfits, the food I will eat, you name it I already have it planned. The one thing that really irritates me are when my plans have to change and when things end up not going my way. My planning actually is a thing that separates me most from God. I spend so much time planning that I have trouble just giving it all to Him. He already has my life planned out for me, so why I am over here planning out my life? If you were to go on my Pinterest you would notice that it is your typical Pinterest account. I have my house, classroom, wedding, and my life planned out. I do get really frustrated at times when God tells me now. There have been plenty of times when God tells me no, but I tell him yes and I end up getting hurt and in my prayers I find myself apologizing to God for not listening to Him. Here is some advice, don’t ever tell God no, because no matter what happens when you tell Him yes, he is going to make sure that it does not go your way. God has saved me from a lot of things such as heartbreak and regrets. He tells us that no matter how hard we try to have it out way, that it will still always be His way. It is had for me to let someone plan out my life for me, but as I have gotten older and have become wiser in my faith, I have come to learn that I become less stressed and more happy if I just give it all to God. He can be trusted more than any other human being can ever be. A verse that helps me let God take control is Psalms 37:4 “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give your heart desires.” I find that if I pray to Him and tell what I really want for my life than if it goes according to His plan, than he will give it to me. It’s wonderful when Gods plan can match up with yours, but it is even better when His plan and your plan are complete opposite and finding out that His is way better than yours. His plan will always seem not good enough at first, but I can promise you if you give your all to God and let him take control of your life and stop telling him no, than He will guide you through out your life and help you live life according to His plan. His plan will always be way better than yours. No matter how many times you tell yourself your plan is better, God’s will always be the one that has the better plan. You may not realize it now, but you will come to thank Him.

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