When The Waves Come Crashing Forward

This past weekend I went to Panama City Beach with one of my friends and her parents to celebrate her birthday. While walking into the ocean the Lord opened up my heart and I thought I would share it with you guys.

As I was walking out into the ocean the waves were pretty big. As I kept walking the waves would literally push me back. Sometimes they would even literally consume and throw me under. When I think about these waves I can’t help but think of Satan and how he tries to do just what the waves do to us as we are walking in the ocean. Just like the waves can take us down under and literally push us into a different, so does Satan when he tries to push us onto a different path away from God. But the cool thing comes next. After that wave is over, we come back up and when we come back up I think of it as God literally helping us back up and onto the right path. I couldn’t help but have this thought as I was walking out into the ocean. It just amazed me.

Some waves were little and some were small but they still had the power to push you. With some waves I was able to let them go through me and not knock me down, and I think of that as us holding on to God as Satan tries to get to us. When he attempts he fails as we stand strong and ready to continue on our path with God. Even with the really big waves that I was so confident would take me away, I was able to jump and float over them and just like that it was as if God picking us up as Satan once again tries to go through us.

I think it is cool to see how God can speak to us through the most simple, and beautiful things. When He speaks to us, He knows how to open up our eyes to something so beautiful. I hope you all enjoyed this and just remember when that wave in life seems to come crashing down on you, just hold on to God and you’ll be safe.



Hannah Elizabeth

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