Everything is Better Black and White

In my last post I mention going to the beach with one of my friends. And of course the Lord spoke to me again so I thought I would share this with y’all.

We were laying on the beach, taking pictures and silly videos on Snapchat and sending them to friends. Before I sent one video my friend goes “put the filter in black and white”. Right when I did that I instantly said “wow that looks so much better.” It was crazy how much difference a filter can make. Our dark circles around our eyes weren’t as noticeable, our blemishes weren’t either. We looked a lot better in general. It made me realize that we put filters on ourselves. People don’t realize the struggles and hardships we go through every day. We put on a filter that makes everything in our lives look better, such as black and white. When we use a black and white filter we can be looked at by others as living a simple life with no problems. That’s what we want people to see us as but in the inside it’s not all black and white.

What’s so cool about God is that He really sees us for our true colors. He looks at our messes and thinks we are beautiful. With God we do not need a filter. We can be our true selves and He still thinks we are beautiful.

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