To Build A Home

College is slowly starting back for most students and it’s that time where everyone moves into their dorm rooms. It’s especially scary for first year students. Even though I was excited I was also extremely terrified at the same time.

As I was preparing to move in, I wanted this to feel as much at home as possible. As I was unpacking I couldn’t help but have the idea cross my mind that I was pretty much building a home. So for all of my upcoming first year college students moving in, I hope this helps you when moving into your dorm.

First thing is, you need to pick a style you want your room or your side of the room. It is so important that this resembles who you are. What I did was, I made my dorm room resemble my room at my house. I took a lot of the decorations and knick knacks from my room and brought it to my dorm while also buying a few other pieces to make it more me.

Another tip I have is to make your walls pretty! The dorm I was in had the ugliest walls, so my roommate went online to Amazon and got this wallpaper for us! It was around $40 and it turned out great! Because we aren’t aloud to put nails in the walls, we used command strips to hang up all of our wall decorations. They all surprisingly stayed up really well. We ended up having nothing enough room for all the wallpaper but luckily my crafty roommate and her mom came up with the cute idea of putting curtains over our bed! They went to Goodwill and found cute cheap curtains and we hung them right up.

Bedding for me was super important. Don’t be afraid to spend money. I got a mattress foam, topper, and pad. Let me just say my bed was super comfy. No one likes to sleep on an uncomfortable bed

We also had a big rug that covered the majority of our room. It is amazing how much a rug can make a room more homey. Personally I do not like waking up at six in the morning and putting my feet on cold flooring.

And we cannot forget the last part, which is one of my favorites. TWINKLY LIGHTS. Having lights in your are a must and you can get them anywhere for cheap. We hung them everywhere. On our desk and literally around our whole room. Its nice to turn off all the lights and only have our twinkly lights on. It made the room more cozy.

I really hope this will help you when it comes to move in day. It is nerve racking, I agree but it is also exciting to decorate your place. Don’t forget when unpacking you are building your new home. Don’t be afraid to spend money. Make it as homey as possible because this is your safe place you can go to when classes are over with to relax and wind down.

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