Safe Place

A huge part of where my anxiety takes place is at school. I was having a long talk with my momma one day and I thought I would share it with you guys. I will be commuting my sophomore year first of all. She was giving me one of her world famous talks that always helps me out when going to school. She was telling me how commuting this semester would be good for my anxiety because I will get to come home after. “Home is your safe place.” That is what my mom’s exact words were. She could not have been any more right.

We all have that one place where we go to no matter what mood we are in. For me personally, it’s my home. It’s a place where I feel safe, like no matter what nothing can ever hurt me. It is where my parents are, my dog, and most importantly the place I grew up at. Home is a place where I can truly be myself, I can let out the weird side, the happy side, even the mad and sad sides. Its a place where I can express all of my emotions and not have to worry about keeping them bottled up. But most importantly, its a place where the anxiety doesn’t come. My safe place is where my body can relax, wind down, and take a break. It’s like a charging station before I head out the door again.

I honestly feel like if you really think about it, we all have that safe place; and it doesn’t have to be your home. We all have that place where we can be ourselves, let out all the emotions, and completely wind down.

Having a safe place is super important. It is also important to be completely aware of it and to always make time to go there and completely re charge. We’d be a lot happier if we do so. No, not all the stress would go away, but it takes you away from the stress for a while.

I love my safe place. I love my home. What’s your safe place?







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