I’m A Big Sister! Big/Little Reveal!

I just had one of the most memorable days of my life! After a whole month of knowing who my little was I finally got to surprise her and let her know who I am! This post is going to be all about what I did for Big/Little week plus some ideas for when you get your little!

For this week, I️ wanted to make sure it was dedicated to nothing but my little and making her feel so loved and spoiled. We did gifts Monday to Thursday and each day a gift got bigger and bigger! But first I️ started off with her twitter account! Yes I️ made her a twitter account that I️ ran! I️ tweeted her a little bit about me and sent her some encouraging messages.

Monday: Mondays gift was something simple. I️ have her two Starbucks coffee and a thing of Reece’s and tied the two bottle together with ribbon and added a cute little note! Something sweet to start off her week. 😊

Tuesday: Tuesday’s gift was very crafty! I️ made her a Reese’s Cup bouquet! Can you tell she is a lover of Reese’s? This was super easy and I️ found it off of Pinterest! It took literally 5 mins to do! All I️ did was get any jar, filled it with Reese’s Cups, hot glue bigger Reese’s cups on a stick. Then filled up the jar with small Reese’s cups. After that I️ stuck tissue paper in and then put the sticks in! It was super easy and she loved it! And of course I️ added a little note!

Wednesday: for this day I️ gave her a coffee mug that was a turtle and filled it up with a bunch of Reese’s cups and little turtle. A turtle is the animal of my sorority so I thought it was perfect!

Thursday: On the last day I️ gave her a chalk board and wrote a message with a key chain that says little, a bracelet, and her shirt for big little reveal! And of course Reese Cups!

For the big reveal I️ wanted it to be perfect. For her basket I filled it with a picture frame, chocolate, little signs I️ got from Hobby Lobby for super cheap, fuzzy socks, t shirts, jewlery, a water bottle with her monogram, hat, decal, and probably a whole lot more that I️ can’t think of! But you get the main idea!

Now for the theme I️ wanted it to be something she loves. Luckily she ended up telling me how much she loves the TV show Friends so I knew that that just had to be my theme! I️ also made a poster for her as well! It turned out perfect! And I️ am so blessed with the most perfect little ever!

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