My Favorite Bath and Body Works Holiday Scents! Blogmas Day 3

For day 3 I thought it would be really fun to list all of my favorite Bath and Body Works holiday products! I was inspired to do this by the $8 3-wick candle sale they had yesterday! It was a mad house! I got three candles for the price of one! I got Marshmallow Fireside, Twisted Peppermint, and Campfire Donut! The sale was so in store and online, but they completely sold out on candles online!

So now I will be listing some of my favorites from Bath and Body Works this holiday season and some stuff they have had previously!

Vanilla Bean Noel

This is my absolute all time favorite holiday scent ever! Every time they have this scent out I always make sure to stock up whether its the perfume, body cream, or body wash! I never wear lotion in the cold months since my skin gets super dry. They also came out with a body butter with this scent and it is AMAZING! I also have the car scent and the wall flower as well so as you can tell I am addicted to it!

Hot Cocoa and Cream

This scent smells JUST like hot chocolate! Hot chocolate is my favorite for the cold months and the smell is soooo good!

Snowman Wallflower Holder

Y’all this is the cutest thing ever!! It acts like a night light too that is located on the snowman’s belly! I use this with my Vanilla Bean Noel wall flower!

Mint Drop

I am never really a big fan of anything minty, but for some weird reason I only love it around the holidays! Whenever I think of anything minty I instantly think holiday season! This smells just link candy canes in my opinion and I love it!

Cinnamon Swirl

I love LOVE sweet smells! They are definitely the ones I gravitate towards to the most! This smell has a combination, in my opinion, of brown sugar, cinnamon and caramel. It reminds me a lot of gingerbread!

Coconut Mint Drop

This scent is new and when I first saw the name I thought it was quite strange. When I smelt it for the first time it reminded me of Christmas time and I don’t know why. The odd combo actually smells really good! You have both coconut and peppermint all in one!

Winter Candy Apple

This one smell I am surprised that I like. This also to me reminds me of winter! The smell is exactly the name itself. Apples! Its been around the holidays for years!

Snowy Morning

Snowy Morning is also a new scent! I love the packaging on this, its so pretty! This scent smells just like berrys and lavendar!

Gingerbread Latte

Gingerbread is one of my all time favorites for the holidays! It smells sooo good! There is also a touch of brown sugar and I just can’t get enough of it!

Candle Magnents

This isn’t a holiday scent but I thought I would still share! These are new and are adorable! They had them for different seasons. For this season they have snowman, bells, bows, and a penguin. They honestly probably have more than what I have listed. They are little magnets that go on top of your candle lid and add and make it so cute!



One thought on “My Favorite Bath and Body Works Holiday Scents! Blogmas Day 3

  1. I am so sad that there is no Bath & Body Works in the UK so whenever I go to the US I have to stock up which pushes the weight of my case up ridiculously!!!

    Vanilla Bean Noel and Twisted Peppermint is what I am slowly burning at the moment – together they smell so amazingly Christmassy which is just the best feeling. I have a lot of pocketbacs too so I am feeling uber festive at the moment.

    Your list is epic and has most of my favourite scents too!

    Happy BlogMas! x


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