Secret Santa Gift Ideas! Blogmas Day 5!


Every holiday season I always participate in a dirty Santa or even a secret Santa! I always have the HARDEST times at deciding what I want to buy. I got a bunch of ideas from what I have used in the past plus I took a couple of other ideas I notice other people use. I personally don’t think you have to go all out, but if that’s what you want than hey go for it! These are just some simple ideas that I personally love and would even love to get.


There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with using fuzzy socks as a gift! Let’s be honest what person doesn’t enjoy receiving fuzzy socks?! I personally love the fuzzy socks from target, they are so cute and super comfortable.


Bath and Body Works always has the perfect gift sets! These are my usual go to when I need to get something at the last minute or if I just can’t find anything else. They in so many different scents and are so cute and ready to give!


Bath and Body works has the BEST candles and they make such a perfect gift! The holiday scents will always have my heart.


I honestly wish I would’ve thought to give a bath bomb! The only bath bombs I use are from Lush. They are such amazing quality and very very inexpensive! The perfect holiday gift if you’re on a budget.


Another cute and inexpensive gift idea would be to get a coffee mug and put some hot chocolate  in it or maybe even some coffee, which ever you like! Sometimes Ill even put in a little starbucks gift card as well!


Lastly, you can always bake some yummy holiday treats and wrap them up nicely if possible. I love holiday treats or anything festive!


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