Top 10 Favorite Christmas Movies! Blogmas Day 6


For today’s Blogmas I decided to do my top ten favorite Christmas movies! Christmas movies are definitely a huge favorite of mine. I could honestly make the list longer but it would be never ending!

1. Christmas Vacation


This movie is my all time favorite Christmas movie! I always get a good laugh watching it!

2. Elf


Let’s be honest, if Will Ferrell, is in it, than you know it’s going to be a good movie.

3. The Grinch


“You’re a mean one… Mr. Grinch”

4. Home Alone


Oh how this movie will never get old!

5. The Santa Clause


I remember all three of these coming out when I was little! I loved when they came on Disney Channel!

6. Eloise at Christmas Time


I seriously could not tell you how many times I watched this movie when I was little. Also I was always quite jealous of Eloise with her fun room and awesome penthouse!

7. A Charlie Brown Christmas


No matter how old I get, I will always love this movie! Snoopy decorating his house will always be my favorite part!

8. The Nativity Story


I remember first watching this movie in 6th grade and instantly falling in love with it. The ending when Jesus was born was so beautiful I always ended up getting teary eyed!

9. The Nightmare Before Christmas


Okay so this is one movie that I can honestly say that I can watch all year long.

10. A Christmas Story


“You’ll shoot your eye out.” Oh what an iconic line!

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