Cirque Dreams Holidaze! Blogmas Day 20!


Every year it is tradition in my family that my mom, grandmother, aunt and I all go see a show at the Grand Ole Opry! It’s a favorite Christmas tradition of mine. For years we saw the Rockettes but sadly they haven’t been here for the past three years, so the last two we saw the Grinch and this year we saw Cirque Dreams Holidaze! We went to Las Vegas a couple of years ago and saw Cirque du Soleil and this year I had no idea that there were different ones! This year we saw the Christmas theme one of course but they have all kinds even Halloween as well!

The show was amazing and the acrobats kept my heart racing every time they were in the air or balancing on a barrel of some sort. Its unreal the things they were doing from juggling to flying in the air and doing all kinds of tricks! This whole show was filled with so much energy! The performers were from all over the country from the US all the way to China! And their costumes were breathtaking! I highly suggest going and would love to see them again next year!

24993396_10210291833913004_7788396681526331603_n24993549_10210291833873003_4333546429199288619_n24993628_10210291410062408_7447422041605829243_nScreen Shot 2017-12-23 at 5.03.20 PM

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