My Journey with EMDR!

These next couple of months are going to be a little rough but it will be one of those experiences that will make me a lot stronger. As most of my readers know I do suffer from some intense anxiety. Yeah… it’s bad. But you know what, it’s okay! I have learned to accept it. Although some days are super hard, I learn that they make me even stronger.

My counselor suggested this really awesome experience to my mom and I! EMDR. I’ve thought a lot about this, and thought it would be super fun to have y’all tag along with me on my journey!

First, I know what you are thinking, what is EMDR? Well here is a little back story on it and what I will be doing on this journey!

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. This treatment will reprogram your brain, allowing you to process anything traumatic in your life and learning to fully move on from it. A coucelor will ask you to go back to a traumatic event in your life and through that you will learn to be able to discover different aspects from it and will help you identify the positive aspects from it. Now you will not believe these positives at first but slowly and surely you will! This I believe will be super tough for me which is a reason my coucelor has said this will be rough but so worth it in the end!

I’m super excited to be starting this journey and so happy to be able to talk about it! I’ve been reached out to a lot about how my story with my anxiety has helped people and that is the main reason why I want to blog about this! Knowing that I am able to help people always warms my heart.

Thank you for following along!

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