The Gift of Jord + GIVEAWAY

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My Favorite New Accessor| A Unique Wood Watch by Jord

When I first received my Jord watch I felt like it was love at first site and the pictures I saw online just did not do it justice!

Lately, I have been seeing some of my blogger friends talk about Jord watches. My first impression was that they were beautiful and not a type of watch I’ve ever seen before. I have always seen metal and leather watches but wood watches are very rare to see but that might be just me.

So here is a little general information about Jord:

  • Jord is based in St. Louise where they are constantly developing new designs to make each individual watch unique.
  • Each watch is a sophisticated mix of natural and largely reclaimed materials, combined with quality movements and components.
  • Each watch stands out in terms of the amazing quality, pure craftsmanship and unique style.

I always love finding pieces where you can “dress it up or dress it down”. With these watches, you can pair them with a casual on the go outfit, or dress it up for a more classy look.

What is so nice about these watches is that they make the BEST gift for anyone in your life! You can add a touch of personalization by having the backplates engraved. All of their Cedar humidor presentation boxes are also engraved to make the whole thing more centimental. Something else that is really cool is you get to mix and match the faces and the woods! So if you like the face of one watch but the wood of another you can mix and match to ensure you will really get the watch you love.

Every watch also comes with a one year warranty and options to return or exchange them if you are not satisified but I promise you, you will be more than satisfied with how beautiful they are!


Giveaways are my favorite and I am so blessed to be doing one with Jord! All you have to do is enter the link here and it will also be in my bio as well. The winner will receive a $100 gift code toward any purchase of watch they want! The winner will be emailed in a month when the contest is over. All entries will also be given a 10% off gift code!

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